Achilles Tenderloin

Achilles Tenderloin

Bluebeard | 1:30-2

Richmond, IN

Hi, friends. My other name is Joe Augustin. A college librarian by day, I travel the tri-state area by night, making ink drawings and playing original songs. I consider myself a lyricist, more than anything, but over the years my untrained vocal and guitar chops have evolved into an unusual, recognizable style.

My latest album, Stronger Than Wine, was released in August 2014 and features Cincinnati native Aaron Nell on trumpet and fiddle. The album was recorded and mixed by Chris Yakopcic at Street Sounds Recording Studio, in Dayton, OH. Stronger Than Wine is available on Bandcamp:

I began using the Achilles Tenderloin name in 2005, when I put out my second full-length album, The Bath. After releasing The Bath, about 5 years went by when I’d stopped playing shows and working on my follow up, Blind Oedi And The Case Of The Secret Carnival. I revived the project in early 2012 and released shorter EP version of Blind Oedi later that year. I have been actively booking and recording ever since.