Bridge 19

Bridge 19

Hotel Tango | 7-7:45

Louisville, KY

“Music with real passion, steel-toed drive, and the ability to fill the listener with intense wanderlust.”

“Equal parts pop and folk, the arrangements of Bridge 19 creep into Americana as they harmonize like siblings. But mostly, this band displays a clear comprehension of being working musicians and have the heart and attitude to gracefully ascent as an act.”

In March of 2015, Bridge 19 will release its first pieces of new music since 2012’s “The Fall Back”. But a lot has happened since then. Audrey Cecil & Amanda Lucas, the band’s songwriters and founders knew there was more when they released their first record. It was strong. But not whole. Only a couple of the songs on that record were co-written by the two- the rest were songs one or the other had written solo. There was more. The band accompanying the duo were studio musicians. There was more. Shortly after the 2012 release, Bridge 19 officially added a third, Meg Samples (who seems to have been born with drumsticks in her hands). The band has spent the years in between co-writing, honing a sound, and building on this harmony-driven, undeniably evocative music they create. Now there’s more. With the recent addition of Jeff Faith on bass, the band is realizing what they knew there always could have been. When you hear this new music, you know it’s been waiting to be heard.