Cari Ray

Cari Ray

La Margarita | 2:30-3:15

Nashville, IN

Cari Ray’s songs sound authentic because they are. Born into a musical family and raised on a rural Indiana farm, her musical roots were planted in bluegrass, blues & southern gospel. And while her style lands solidly in the Roots/Americana category, flavors of her early influences peek through in her songs. The Cash-esque “Red Line” will take you rattling down the tracks with a jilted lover while the ballad “Lighting” will stir you with a story about passionate love with poor timing. Whether relaying triumph or tragedy, her songs have a universal quality that allows the listener to effortlessly drop into the story and live it for him or herself.

As a writer, reviewers have mentioned her alongside the likes of Jamey Johnson, Lucinda Williams and Willie Nelson. “Often a song will show up and pester me until I write it. When I plan a write, alone or with a co-writer, I usually just ask what story needs telling.” says Ray. And while critics and fans alike praise her writing skill, it’s that talent coupled with a rich, smokey voice that has people convinced she’s going places.

Recently gaining momentum touring, co-writing with Travis Howard, a friend and favorite collaborator of Miranda Lambert, and by appearing with artists such as Terri Clark, Sonia Leigh and Gretchen Wilson, she is definitely an artist to watch.