Heartland Heretics

Heartland Heretics

Hi-Fi | 1:30-2

Indianapolis, IN

Heartland Heretics is a punk rock band formed in 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Nicholas Weber.

He invited his longtime friend and Tax Brandywine bandmate, drum extraordinaire John Concannon, to join the band and the pair ventured to Caveman Studios in Fountain Square to record a release for debut. This session became known as Heartland Heretics EP and was released on May 6, 2014, to a gathering of friends, fans, and family.

After recruiting local legend Matthew Corken (of The Post-Script and Tied to Tigers fame) to join the band in 2014, the trio set forth to Postal Recording in Indianapolis in 2015 to record their debut full-length album, “Fighting the Good Fight”, which was released on November 12, 2016, during Punk Rock Night at Indy’s historic Melody Inn.

The band will venture into the studio early in 2017 to record a follow-up album for release, which will be known as “Chasing Tale”.