Midwest Rhythm Exchange

Midwest Rhythm Exchange

Hotel Tango | 3:15-4

Indianapolis, IN

Midwest Rhythm Exchange is a high-energy, acoustic quartet from Indianapolis, Indiana.  The band was founded in an attempt to bring traditional gypsy swing, bluegrass, and other acoustic styles to a modern audience. Through a combination of progressive arrangements, experienced musicianship, and inspired compositions, they deliver a high-energy show that finds a way to connect traditional music to a modern audience.

The band is currently composed of Kevin Lee Guthridge (Funk Bud Johnny, Blue Hound Underground) on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Matt Koher (Blueprint Music, Maple Trio) on violin, Doug Sauter (Blueprint Music, Maple Trio) on mandolin, and Aaron Ransdell (Tonos Triad) on the upright bass.

They released their second full-length, original album, Take Me Home, in the Spring of 2016.  Skope Magazine reviewed the album, calling it “delicate and refined…by opting for such a breadth of sound Midwest Rhythm Exchange’s Take Me Home creates a thoughtful and highly engaging piece of work.”  They are currently gearing up to record their third full-length, original album in the late Spring of this year.