War Radio

War Radio

Hotel Tango | 5:45-6:30

Greencastle, IN

War Radio is challenging the musical mundane. The Indianapolis based rock band (that equally delivers a killer acoustic show) speaks loud with the message of shaking up the everyday, and becoming something bigger than yourself. With a unique sound that reflects indie rock, soul, and melody, they are pushing past entertainment and diving head first into something much more special. A night spent with War Radio is one that engages and invokes energy, vibe, and heart. They leave the audience high on what can only be described as partnership, wherein the soul of the audience blends together with the spirit of the band.

Each member of the outfit carries a unique musical inspiration, together forming a show that is truly fetching. This group is full of raw talent, ambition, and emotion. Currently preparing to release their second full length album, War Radio is busy touring and engaging audiences with their diverse original songs. Featured as an Indy RAW artist in 2015, playing shows at The Old National Centre, opening for Jennie Devoe, and wooing college students across Indiana, with over 250 shows a year, they are making waves.

The heartbeat of their signature sound derives from being raised in small towns, and relying on music as the utlet to the bigger world. Dreaming up new worlds, imagining the unknown, and envisioning the impossible are clearly seen in the lyrics of their original songs. Their influences from Sam Cooke to Ray LaMontagne, Florence + The Machine to David Gray are echoed within their music. As a listener, you truly become swept up in what could be.